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M4 Compact

SoundRanger Compact4 kit - one collarworn & one handheld radio mic

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Compact4 speaker/amplifier with two integral radio microphone receivers, for operation on mains or rechargeable battery. Supplied as a system kit with two radio microphones, one handheld and one collarworn with a beltpack transmitter.



Suitable for audiences of approx 150 people:

The Compact4 speaker/amplifier unit is ideal for public address applications. It has two radio microphone receivers and two other inputs.

The Compact4 is the 40-watt big brother of the MICRO. The amplifier is battery-powered with an intelligent charging circuit. Just plug it into the mains to re-charge. It has been designed to provide exceptional clarity and intelligibility of speech.

The amplifier is easy to use, requires no technical expertise and can be quickly moved anywhere inside or outside a building without the need to find a mains socket. It really is a plug and play (or listen in our case) product.

The controls are kept to a bare minimum for ease of operation.

Audiences of 150 or more can be addressed with ease, although a second unit  on the other side of the room gives a more balanced sound.

The amplifier weighs approximately 11Kg and has an underside top hat fitting for mounting on a standard speaker tripod stand (available for purchase separately).

There are separate inputs for a cable microphone and for a line level input (CD player, iPod or other sound source) with individual volume controls for each input.

For tone adjustment there are are Bass and Speech Clarity controls.

There is a link IN/OUT connection socket which can be used to connect this unit to another Compact4 with built-in radio microphone receiver(s) for use as an extension speaker. The sound from the inputs of either Compact4 units will be heard from both Compact4s.

The Compact4 will run for up to 12 hours on its internal battery. The unit can be used on mains power while being charged.

40 watts, rechargeable battery/mains powered.

Compact4 two receiver unit specification:

  •     Two integral channel VHF receivers
  •     Carrier Frequency: 173.8 to 175 MHz approved to EN300 422
  •     Oscillation Mode: Quartz controlled
  •     Aerial (Antenna): Built-in
  •     Max Deviation: 15 kHz
  •     Power Output: 40 watts into an 8-ohm load
  •     Frequency Response:  40Hz to 16 kHz +/- 3dB
  •     Maximum 106dB SPL at 1m/1KHz
  •     THD: <1%
  •     Bass tone control
  •     Speech clarity tone control
  •     Cable (wired) microphone input - balanced or unbalanced electret or dynamic microphone. 6.3mm jack or XLR
  •     Line level auxiliary input. 2 x RCA phono sockets, summed internally
  •     Sensitivity 360mV
  •     Separate volume controls for each input
  •     Link IN/OUT 6.3mm mono jack
  •     Speakers: Pair of super-high sensitivity 5-inch full range
  •     Power Supply: 12Volt 7.2 Ah rechargeable battery with intelligent charging
  •     220/240vAC 50Hz mains. IEC socket connection.
  •     Charging Time: Approximately 6 hours
  •     Operating Time: Up to 12 hours
  •     Dimensions (mm): 380L x 190W x 340H
  •     Weight: 11kg(with battery)

 Channel Detials:

Channel A is 173.8 MHz

Channel B is 174.5 MHz

Channel C is 175.0 MHz

Channel D is 174.1 MHz

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