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Rimage Auto Everest 600 CD DVD Printer

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The Rimage Auto Everest 600 is the perfect solution if you are looking to produce retail quality, printed CD's and DVD's to a deadline. The photo print quality is arguably superior to that produced by Inkjet CD DVD printers and its ability to produce 300 discs unattended, along with the robust rimage robotics mean that this product is hard to ignore for the small to mediun disc producer.
  • The Everest III printer uses thermal re-transfer technology to produce an on-body, photo-realistic quality not seen before from a desktop CD/DVD printer. This is still the only model to produce permanent on-body images that do not fade in sunlight, smudge, bleed or wash off. 
  • Full colour print in under 60 seconds
  • Available as a standalone printer for low volume or a 300-disc fully automated robot for unattended print production
  • Thermal re-transfer print technology with variable dot sizes giving an equivalent resolution of 173 lines/inch
  • Totally dry print process - discs are instantly dry and 100% waterproof (no inks or lacquers)
  • High-gloss, scratchproof finish makes discs incredibly robust
  • Full surface printing, including the centre hub (16mm to 120mm subject to disc manufacturer)
  • Hologram printing effect
  • Variable data printing for customizing generic labels with customers' names, addresses, serial numbers, etc
  • Optional white panelled ribbon for holograms, white-on-silver text and graphics effect
  • USB interface
  • Available within the Producer II and DiscLab systems with in-line CD and/or DVD recorders
  • Printer drivers for Windows 2000, XP and Macintosh
  • Prints direct from industry standard graphics packages such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw
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