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Sonic USB Memory Stick Player & Bluetooth Speaker

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Sovereign Sonic

£39.95 (VAT Free Item)

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Sonic USB Memory Stick Player with Bluetooth Receiver

** This is a VAT Free price for persons registered Blind or Partially sighted.

By purchasing the Sonic you are confirming that you are either registered Blind or partially sighted or you are buying on behalf of someone that is. If you are liable to pay VAT please click here to buy your Sonic player with the addition of VAT. 

Our SONIC USB memory stick player is an ultra portable version of our hugely successful Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player to our range. The Sonic Player is ideal for users who want to take their MP3 books or newspapers on their travels, or simply need a lightweight USB player in order to easily move from room to room with out comprimising on sound quality!

The Sonic player is Ideal for listening to Talking Newspapers and Talking Books. The listener can easily navigate between multiple publications on one stick at the tap of a button. 

Connecting with Bluetooth:

Connecting to the Sonic via Bluetooth does not require any buttons to be pressed on the Sonic. Simply search for and select the Sonic on your Bluetooth device, which will appear as "bluetooth speaker" (Phone, Tablet etc.) to connect….you will hear a tone through the player (if switched on) when the connection has been made. Bluetooth is not useable when a USB stick is inserted.
Screenshot from phone; 
BT Scan


Sonic Player, Key points; 

  • Ultra Portable, weighing only 235 grams and measuring only 6 inches in width 

  • Blutooth connectivity

  • Navigate between Files / Books on the same stick at the touch of a button.

  • Plays MP3 AND WAV

  • Superb sound quality, equal to Sovereign

  • Automatic Multi-Stick Bookmark Memory 

  • Protected speakers

  • Rechargeable battery, AC Charger included

  • Headphone Socket easily accessible 



If you are interested in our SONIC player or wish to place a bulk order for yourself or your organisation please get in touch, on 01935 411322, or email 



  • *****Excellent portable USB Player..... but !

    By Ruth O'Beney on 09th Apr 2018 of: Sonic USB Memory Stick Player & Bluetooth Speaker

    Apparently you are not supposed to run the battery down, which is virtually impossible over a period of time because it only lasts around four hours and there is no gauge to tell how much has been used up. I often use my player to listen at night which means that sometimes I fall asleep and it keeps playing............

    Kings - Our current player has a battery warning sound which beeps when the battery is getting low

  • *****Sonic USB memory stick player

    By Heron hill Church on 09th Apr 2018 of: Sonic USB Memory Stick Player & Bluetooth Speaker

    We have several elderly members who are unable to attend church because of infirmity so we looked around for some device/gadget which would allow us to take the service to them in there own home and the sonic USB player with its simple and easy controls plus being highly portable has proved to be ideal for our purposes.

Sonic USB Memory Stick Player & Bluetooth Speaker 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
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