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Soundranger M3C KitClick to enlarge product image
Soundranger M3C Kit

SoundRanger System Kit M3C with Carry Case (174.5 Mhz)

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SoundRanger System Kit M3C with Carry Case - 174.5 Mhz 

The SoundRanger M3C Kit is a portable user friendly PA system. The M3C provides a high quality sound system. The M3C comes in a neat carry case and the presenter uses a collarworn microphone provided in the kit. The sytem runs off mains power and comes with a rechargeable battery. 

This system comes with a belt transmiter, light weight and easy to use. it uses a 9V PP3 alkaline battery ( supplied). The M3C can be adjusted to varying channel frequencys and additional receivers may be added is required.. Please ask when placing your order...


Operating Channel Frequencies available 

Channel A - 173.8 Mhz

Channel B - 174.5 Mhz

Channel C - 175.0 Mhz

Channel D - 174.1 Mhz

Channel E - 174.8 Mhz


Kit includes:
1 Micro receiver amplifier with power supply/charger [40SFRPA20] 
Micro Soundrnager
1 collarworn microphone [40SFXMUC] 
10 PP3 alkaline batteries [MBNPP3X10P]
1 transmitter belt pack [40SFXMT4
transmitter belt pack
1 carrying case [40SFXCMCE] 
carry case
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