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Microboards G4P_BD

Microboards G4P Blu-ray Disc Publisher

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Microboards G4P Blu-ray Disc Publisher 

The Microboards G4P Bly ray edition allows you to copy up to 50 Blu ray discs in any one run as well as printing a full colour design to the surface of the disc. The G4P BD is one of the most cost effective publishers on the market, it is easy to use, reliable and has a relatively small footprint so is practical for virtually any office or studio environment. 

G4P Highlights; 

  • Ideal for up to 250 discs a week 
  • Used by Publishers, marketing departments, schools, churches
  • G4_openSimple to use software included with the package
  • Cost per print around 10 pence per disc for full colour






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