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Primera LX400e Unwinder frontClick to enlarge product image
Primera LX400e Unwinder front

Primera LX400e Label Unwinder

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Primera LX400e Label Unwinder

The LX Unwinder enables the LX400/200e printers to take larger or smaller Label rolls than the usual 5.08cm core. The use of unwinders and winders can greatly increase the amount of labels that can be produced 

In the format below the LX400e has both Rewinder and Unwinder combined. The winders will stop automatically when the labels run out 

LX rewinder_unrewinder


  • Adjustable core holder from 46 mm up to 76 mm
  • Can handle labels up to 120 mm wide
  • Can unwind rolls of labels with diameter up to 170 mm
  • Speed of 120 rpm
  • Automatic stops when the roll of labels runs out.
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