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Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

  • KA-SBT010
  • KA-SBT010
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£39.95 (VAT Free Item)

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Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player for the Blind and Partially Sighted

** now replaced by Sovereign 2 Player 

The Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player has been designed by Kings  specifically for use by visually impaired persons. It is very easy to use and produces superb sound reproduction. 

The Sovereign has proved so popular amongst our visually impaired customers that the last two batches had sold out even before they had arrived!

Sovereign USB MP3 Player's Features:

The Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player  has the capacity to bookmark multiple USB memory sticks, so if you have a talking book, talking newspaper or a magazine all on the go at the same time, the Sovereign player can bookmark each stick, and it does this automatically,  allowing you to go back at any time and listen from where you last left off. 

The Sovereign includes Cue and Review, so that by holding down the Rewind button the listener can wind back within the track to replay, say, a telephone number or other useful information. Holding down the Forward button will allow the listener to 'fast forward' within the track.

The Sovereign MP3/WAV Player takes a standard Lithium Ion battery (Nokia Style) which clips in easily. These batteries are widely available in the UK from shops and online and can be bought directly from us.


Connecting with Bluetooth: 

Connecting to the Sovereign via Bluetooth does not require any buttons to be pressed on the Sovereign. Simply search for and select the Sovereign which will appear as "Bluetooth Spearker" on your Bluetooth device (Phone, Tablet etc.) to connect….you will hear a tone through the player (if switched on) when the connection has been made. Bluetooth is not useable when a USB stick is inserted.
How the Sovereign will appear on a phone/tablet : 
BT Scan

Sovereign USB Stick Player Highlights:

  • Superb sound from the two 3" speakers
  • Large, high visibility control buttons

  • Low Battery warning sound - beeps when the battery is low 

  • Plays MP3 and WAV files

  • Navigate between multiple folders, or books at the touch of a button 

  • Rechargeable and easily replaceable lithium battery (Charger and Battery are supplied free with the Sovereign)

  • Tactile markers to help you identify the different controls 

  • Large rotary volume dial with built-in on/off function , 

  • Automatic, Pinpoint,  multiple 'Bookmark' memory - remembers last known track position, mid-track, even when speaker is switched off or stick is removed and other sticks are played before the original one is re-inserted 

  • Headphone Socket easily accessible on the front of the player 

  • Very economical battery use - long playback on battery power - between 4-6 hours 

  • Free delivery for blind and partially sighted persons, (please call) 







This is a Zero rated VAT item as confirmed by HMRC - applicable to charities for blind and partially sighted persons and individuals with visual impairment.

If you represent an organisation wishing to place a bulk order please contact us by phone or by email - and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 


         Please call 01935 411322 to place your orders for the Sovereign USB Stick Player 


Please note - The new Sovereign Sonic is being released in addition to, not  in replacement of the Sovereign player 



  • *****Wonderful

    By Janet M Pring on 09th Apr 2018 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    I bought this for my 99 year old mother who is hard of hearing and can also see very little. It is wonderful - the controls are easy (she has always been technophobic) and it can go nice and loud. She listens to RNIB books all day and it keeps her mind active - better than daytime tv! The player arrived quickly and was well packed. Can,t speak highly enough of the player and service. 6 stars!

  • *****Very impressed

    By Nigel pearson on 10th Jun 2015 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    very very impressed.

    Excellent sound and incrediable volume !
    Also can be operated by 90% blind 90 year old MinL who has problems understanding anything technical and has hand mobility problems.

    i want one myself .....

  • *****Sovereign MP3 player. At last, a well thought out product.

    By Reviewcentre on 11th Mar 2015 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    Written on: 27/02/2015

    I had given up hope of finding an MP3 player for those incapable of using the benefits of playing music from a memory stick without the need to press an assortment of buttons just to get it started. One of these turned up for my 95 year old mother, virtually blind and with the memory of a goldfish. This covers all of the basics without frills and fuss. It's portable with rechargeable batteries built in. All you need the start it is to turn a nice big round control, perfect for old fingers and poor eyesight. It gives very passable sound, certainly more than adequate for the aged and/or infirm and capable of playing for hours on one charge. O.K., It doesn't have a screen with loads of fancy options but I don't think many of the target users really wants one. The buttons are large enough to be used if necessary albeit with limited functions of pause, track jump forwards/back and reset to restart it at the beginning. I cannot think of anything else that may be needed. It is the only form of entertainment that my mother can cope with as she cannot see the TV and cannot follow a conversation of more than a few words.
    It is so good that I've immediately bought another for use in the bedroom and am seriously thinking of getting more for my grandchildren so that they have an opportunity of listening to traditional stories and learning to concentrate and use their imagination.
    One thing puzzles me. How do they do it for the price? The product and service is exceptional. Well done!

  • *****Sovereign Player

    By Margaret on 24th Sep 2014 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    I delayed a purchase of a 'boom box' because I was not very impressed with ease of bookmarking or sound quality. The Sovereign has solved both these problems. It is very well built, speech is clear and bookmarking is simple. Using the other controls (back & forwards on tracks) is simple. A great piece of kit at a very reasonable price. Strongly recommended.

  • *****Really impressed.

    By Magnus Johnson on 24th Jul 2014 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    Thank you for the opportunity to complement you on such a fantastic device. I purchased this for an old gentlemen who lives alone and is partially sighted. The player is so simple to use and can be used by feel if necessary. Once we had worked out the best method of loading the flash drive to achieve random play, we were really impressed.

    An option to set up different play modes, even by a hidden switch, would make the player more adaptable, but this is a low priority compared with the use-ability and sound quality of the existing design.

  • *****Thank you

    By Frank Emery on 11th Jul 2014 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    Dear sir
    I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you showed in the quick delivery in getting a KA-S007 to me it arrived at the time given ,once again many thanks
    regards Frank Emery
    Ps it is a wonderful unit

  • *****Sovereign USB memory stick player

    By John Halstead on 05th Sep 2013 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    excellent service with no problems at all. the player worked straight from the box, so I'm very happy, as is the stroke victim for whom I ordered the player. it will make a lot of difference to his rather empty life. thanks for some really good service!

  • *****brilliant little black box

    By Jonathan Sherley-Dale on 05th Jun 2013 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    I have been looking for a player for my music WAV files on memory sticks and luckily stumbled upon the Sovereign player. The service from Kings Audio was second to none and the box arrived the next day after ordering. I plugged it in and happiness soared - it works a treat. At that price it is fantastic, even without a display. It is solidly built and the sound is totally adequate. I look forward to hours of pleasure from this purchase.

  • *****Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    By Helen Bragg on 30th Apr 2013 of: Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player

    This USB player has an amazing sound, is easy to use and it is fantastic to be able to save your place ready for listening later in the day or another day.
    Thank you Calibre.

Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player 5 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.
  • Hi there, Could you please recommend a USB stick which is compatable and durable to be used by a visually impaired child many thanks Paul?

    We supply our own USB sticks which are used widely across the UK with the Sovereign player. They are extremely durable, and are supplied with a 5 year warranty. The quailty is not to be confused with 'Promotional grade memory' 

  • can it play tapes?

    Dear Sandra,

    Thank you for your recent enquiry.

    The Sovereign USB stick player is designed to play USB memory sticks only, it cannot play Audio Cassettes. 

    Many thanks 

    Kings Audio 

  • Can I use any USB memory stick with audiobook MP3 files on it in this device?

    Hi Nancy

    Yes any USB stick with MP3 audio files can be used in the Sovereign USB Stick Player up to a capacity of 16GB

    Kings Audio

  • Re Sovereign USB Memory Stick Player- I assume it can be mains powered as well as battery?

     Yes the Sovereign is powered by either Mains or the rechargeable Lithium battery, both are supplied with the player 

  • Re-Your Sovereign USB player. Is it powered by mains. Has it an internal battery. If so is it rechargable. Has it an internal memory like the Boom Box that can be reset for the next weeks USB issue, or would it continue where the last stick was taken out. Harrogate TNA?

    The Sovereign now has a multi-stick pin point memory. Listeners can place a 'Bookmark' at any point simply by pressing the play/pause button momentarily. The speaker can then be switched off or the stick pulled out. 


  • Is there a way to make a memory stick start playing at the first track I have several memory sticks that are half listened to, and I'd like to start back at the beginning. I've tried experimenting with the "reset" button - is there a specific sequence of buttons that need to be pressed Many thanks?

    The reset button pressed once, momentarily will reset the audio the start of track 1. 

  • Is it possible to purchase the mains connector cable separately, only the one my mother has the connector cable has become damaged.?

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