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IMI 5315 USB DuplicatorClick to enlarge product image
IMI 5315 USB Duplicator

IMI M5315 USB 3.0 USB Duplicator

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IMI M5315 USB 3.0 USB Duplicator

Professional USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Duplicator

The M5315 duplicator is the fastest USB Duplicator available that supports USB 3.0 Super Speed and USB 2.0 High Speed devices. The duplicator comes with a built-in PC running a full Linux operating system that tests and copies any USB storage device including USB Hard Drives at super speeds.

PC Driven USB Duplication & Testing System
M5315 USB Duplicators can test and copy any USB storage device including USB hard drives, mobile phones, PND's, and PDA's.

Super Speed
- USB 3.0 Master copy speed > 3.5 GB/min for up to 15 devices in parallel
- USB 3.0 Master verify speed > 2.5 GB/min for up to 15 devices in parallel
-  Smart Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB Drive to the target drives.

- The easy to use, intuitive software makes job set-up quick and easy.
- Quick and easy erase and format of any USB device.

- Extremely reliable 'bit-by-bit' verification process as well as verify options for lower reliability and faster duplication.

- Able to duplicate and test USB Hard Drives, Mobile phones, PND's and PDA's without the need for external USB device power supplies.
- Copy files from the built in PC, connected storage media or from your network.
The M5315 is a professional USB Duplication and Test System that offers more than simple data duplication from a master drive. With easy to use intuitive software, quick and easy job set-up is possible.

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