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TEAC AL-220E-S Autoloader

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TEAC AL-220E-S Autoloader

TEAC's AL220S Auto-Loader System, with the choice of either TEAC's dye-sublimation thermal disc printer or TEAC's color inkjet CD and DVD printer, is the highest resolution, fully-automated disc printer solution available on the market today.

Each system automatically prints up to 220 CD or DVD discs fast and easy with an advanced robotics mechanism used to transport discs from the input bins, to the integrated TEAC disc printer, and then to the output bins.

With TEAC's P-55 CD printer, the world's only dye-sublimation thermal disc printer, you can have the most complete disc printer solution that beats the competition hands down!

TEAC's P-55 disc printer is the highest image quality disc printer, and also the only CMYK thermal CD and DVD printer with "True Black". Exclusive VersaMax ribbon for the P-55 disc printer provides the widest media compatibility. Now you can chose your favorite media to print on with no need for media kits! P-55 disc printer holds the disc from the center hub for the most accurate disc pickup.

TEAC's P-55 disc printer is also the most widely supported printer by 3rd party robotic manufacturers.


  • 220-disc capacity
  • Choices of Thermal or Inkjet Disc Printer Systems
  • Multiple Number of Robotics to be Operated by one PC, Up to 8 Maximum
  • LCD Touchpad to Allow for Setup and Diagnostics Directly on the Unit
  • Robust Robotics for Accurate Pickup
  • Easy Access for Loading Consumables
  • STICKY Disc Function Mode to Break Loose Any Discs that Stick Together
  • 8cm Disc Adapter Available
  • Low-profile Desktop Design
  • Easy Set-Up. No Robotic Software Needed to Interface With a Computer
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