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Sony 16GB Memory Stick Micro M2+AdaptorClick to enlarge product image
Sony 16GB Memory Stick Micro M2+Adaptor

Sony 16GB Memory Stick Micro M2+Adaptor

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The new ultra-small memory card is designed to meet the growing storage needs of highly compact. multifunctional mobile phones.

The M2 media is approximately one-quarter the volume of  Memory Stick PRO Duo media. yet only about 1.2mm thick.  M2 media is designed as an externally removable media with a controlled eject function to prevent users losing the media.

The M2 adaptor in the size of a standard Memory Stick will allow users to exchange data to Memory Stick PRO compatible products. Following the trend of mobile phones which operate at 1.8 volts. the M2 has been designed as dual-voltage media. In addition to 1.8 volt support. the media offers 3.3 volt operation which is required for existing  Memory Stick PRO  compatible products.


Memory: Flash Memory
Recording Capacity (GB): 2 - 16
Serial interface: YES
Parallel interface (4 pins): YES
Operating Voltage (V): 2.7/3.6
Operational current with parallel transfer (mA): Up to 100
Transfer speed with parallel transfer (Mbps): 160.0
Minimum write speed only for Memory Stick PRO-compatible devices (Mbps): 15.0
Environmental temperature (degrees C): -25~+85

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