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Falcon Blu-Ray 25GB 4X Thermal Discs (25 Hub)

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Falcon Media



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Falcon Blu-Ray 25GB 4X Thermal Discs (25 Hub)


  • Capacity: 25GB
  • Speed: Up to 4X
  • Print Surface: Thermal

The next generation data storagesolution, FTIFalconMedia Pro BD-RBlu-ray Discs redefine the capabilities of opticalmedia. Each FTI FalconMedia Pro BD-R Blu-ray Disc offers tremendous 25GB capacity, and is capable of storing 125 minutes of high definition video, depending onthehardware recording settings. In addition to providing the ultimateHD videorecording solution, FTI FalconMedia Pro BD-R media isperfectly suited to meet enterpriseneeds for high-volume data storage solutions.  

FTI FalconMedia Pro BD-R media utilizes aunique in organicrecording material formulation. The inorganic solution helps achieve better stability for longer archival and superior data protection.  All FTI FalconMedia Pro Blu-ray Disc media incorporatesstate-of-the-arthard coating technology with Ultra Hard Coat II enhancedscratchresistance features to further safeguard the integrity of important data.

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