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Microboards G3 Disc Publisher Blu Ray
Microboards G3 Disc Publisher Blu Ray

Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher

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Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher

The Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher is your economical solution for producing professionally finished CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs from the comfort of your desktop.Whether you're a garage band producing copies of your album, a church administrator producing sermons on DVD, or a wedding photographer preparing a disc of a client's photos, you'll quickly find that the advantages of the G3P BD Disc Publisher are numerous.

With a sleek 50-disc input and fully-enclosed output bin, the Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher's small footprint allows disc production to take place in even the smallest of offices or workspaces.

 Write discs at top speeds with a robust combo drive (48X CD, 24X DVD, 8X Blu-ray).Discs drop one at a time into the recorder, using Microboards' patented gravity-fed disc singulator technology.Once recording has completed successfully, the disc is sent to the printer.Integrated HP inkjet technology produces vibrant, 4800dpi labels using a single tri-color cartridge (GX-300-HC).One cartridge can print up to 200 full-color discs, saving you money when compared with other disc printers in the industry.Printed discs are deposited into a convenient internal output bin.

 Whether you're printing one disc or fifty, the Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher makes the task effortless with included PrintWrite software - created by Microboards specifically for Microboards products, so you know it's reliable!PrintWrite is unique in its ability to provide advanced publishing options for the advanced user, all the while maintaining a simple flow for beginners.  PrintWrite allows users to set up jobs and walk away, leaving the G3P to handle the workload.

Connected to a Mac or PC using a single USB 2.0 cable, the Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher will produce virtually any format of disc on a variety of operating systems (see Specifications tab for complete information).  The Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher - making your life that much more painless.

Microboards G3P BD Blu Ray Disc Publisher Specifications
Part No.
G3PBD-1000 (Blu Ray/CD/DVD)
Disc Input
Typical Weekly Throughput
25-100 Discs
Burn Speed
24X DVD / 48X CD / 8X BD
Ink Cartridges
Single Cartridge: GX-300-HC
Printing Technology
HP thermal inkjet
Cost per Disc
About 15 pence/17 Euro cents per disc
(full-color, full-coverage)
Print Resolution
4800 dpi
Recording Software
PrintWrite (PC and Mac)
Label Design Software
SureThing (PC)
Compatible Operating Systems (PC)
Windows 2000 SP4, XP Pro SP2 (32-bit),
XP Home (32-bit), Vista (32-bit)
Compatible Operating Systems (Mac)
Mac 10.5.X
Minimum Processor (PC)
P4 3.0 GHz or higher
Minimum Processor (Mac)
Intel-based only
Minimum RAM
1 GB
Hard Drives
Two hard drives recommended (7200 RPM IDE or SATA)
USB 2.0
12 kg
23cm H x 40cm D x 45cm W
(Add 5cm H when input rods are installed)
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