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Genee Vision 8100

Genee Vision GV 8100HD

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Genee Vision


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Genee Vision GV 8100HD  Digital Visualiser

The new Genee Vision 8100HD visualiser uses the latest static image and video recording technology for the optimum presentation in high-definition.
The freeze, image split and mirror capabilities are a perfect way to compare and contrast subject matter. Simply place items or text under the camera, split the image and place the accompanying document/object for a side-by-side comparison. Using the foreground and background focus, compare the images close up with distant images simultaneously.
The visualiser comes with our exclusive Toolbar presentation software and Video Cap for visualiser video, image and screen capture.
Visualiser key features and benefits
A visualiser is an extremely flexible teaching and presentation tool allowing presenters, teachers or students to display objects onto an interactive whiteboard, computer or LED touchscreen. This means 3D objects, books, worksheets, maps and text can be viewed by a large audience without the need to be copied and distributed.
Genee Vision 8100HD uses a high-quality CCD camera mounted to a rotating arm. With a powerful zoom, focus and 720P or 1080P HD ready, visualisers can be used to capture still images or video


Camera Sensor CMOS
High Definition 1080p, 720p, Yes
Pixels 2.4MP
Total Zoom 120x
Optical Zoom 12x
Digital Zoom 10x
Camera Rotation Vertical 330°
Lighting Arm Light, Back Light
Features Auto Focus, BW / Colour, Freeze, Mirror, Negative / Positive, Split, Title, White Balance
Images Rotate 180°
Images Save / Recall Yes
Multilock Compatible Yes
Remote Yes


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