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Tascam CC222SL CD/Cassette Recorder (CC-222SL)
Tascam CC222SL CD/Cassette Recorder (CC-222SL)

EOL ** Tascam CC222SL CD Cassette Recorder (CC-222SL)

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Tascam CC222SL MK2 CD Cassette Recorder

The Tascam CC222SL (MK2) is a combination CD Cassette recorder. It now supports a more robust slot loading CD transport and comes equipped with "selectable" independent outputs for CD and Cassette. The CC-222SL MK2 includes a RIAA phono input which allows direct recording from a turntable; a feature which sets the CC-222SL above all the rest.

Further solidifying the CC222's  reputation for flexibility is its ability to be operated as two individual recorders; or, record one source to both recorders consecutively. Digital I/O (coaxial and optical), RCA (unbalanced) analog I/O, Auto Track Increment, MP3 playback, Power on Play, Fade In and Out, Manual Track Increment, and a variety of playback modes are just a few of the features included on the CC-222SL that you've come to expect for TASCAM.

The Time Track Increment feature automatically adds a CD track ID every few minutes (adjustable from 1 to 10 minute increments), ideal for house of worship and event recording. The CC-222SL MK2 can also add a track marker when the signal drops below a certain level, or when the record button is pressed.


General - CC-222SL MK 2

    * RIAA Phono Input for recording onto CD-R/RW discs or cassette tape
    * Independent Output for CD and Cassette (selectable)
    * Continuous Play between Cassette & CD
    * Cassette to CD-R/RW dubbing and vice versa
    * Headphone Output w/Level Control
    * RC-222 Wireless Remote Included
    * Dedicated analog input level controls
    * Power-on play

CD-RW Recorder

    * Slot loading transport
    * Acceptable discs: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-R-DA, CD-RW-DA
    * High Speed Recording Media is applicable
    * MP3 playback
    * 24 bit AD/DA converter
    * Digital input volume control
    * Sampling rate converter (32kHz/ 44.1kHz / 48kHz)
    * Unbalanced analog I/O (RCA)
    * COAXIAL and Optical digital I/O (CD)


* Fade in and out
    * Auto Track Increment (via SPDIF or Audio Level)
    * Erase or Un-finalize of CD-RW discs
    * Multiple playback modes


    * ± 10% Pitch Control
    * Return to Zero Function
    * Dolby B Noise Reduction
    * Auto Reverse





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