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Microboards QD DVD-123 DVD Disc DuplicatorClick to enlarge product image
Microboards QD DVD-123 DVD Disc Duplicator

Microboards QD DVD 123 DVD Disc Duplicator

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  • QD-DVD-123
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Microboards QD-DVD 123 Disc Duplicator Tower

The Microboards QD-DVD-123 is an economical, 1-to-3 DVD copier that burns DVDs at 18X speed and CDs at 48X speed!

The QD-DVD 123 is a completely stand alone duplication tower, there is no need for the use of a PC at all, the Microboads simply plugs into the power socket and is controlled by a simple and intuitive LCD control panel.

The Microboards QD-DVD-123 supports DVD+R and DVD-R, and can copy DVD Video or data. In addition, the QD-DVD-123 supports all of the most popular CD recording formats, including audio, data, and more.


Microboards QD-DVD 1 to 3 Duplicator Highlights:

  •  Copy and Verify modes
  •  Back-lit LCD interface with selection-driven menu structure
  •  18X DVD and 48X CD Copying
  • 1 Years Warranty



  • You have this copier and another one that is 500 (ish) if I purchased either of these would they. 1. Work without having to buy more hard wear (I know we have to buy disks) 2. Would we be able to duplicate our presentation disk. Is there anything else I should be asking Thanks Jan?

     Dear Jan 


    Thank you for your interest in our Microboards duplicators. 

    1. All the tower duplicators from Microboards are standalone machines; they plug into the mains and require no other hardware such as a PC

    2. The duplication towers will essentially copy any content you have on the 'master' CD or DVD, be it a presentation, film, pictures etc 

    3. The only other thing you need to consider is how many discs, and in what time-frame you need to duplicate. If it is a relatively small number, 12-24 the 1-2-3 machine will take 4-8 copy runs respectively; depending on how much is on the master disc and if the disc is a CD or DVD each run could take between 1-8 minutes to copy. The larger units wont copy any quicker but obviously their throughput will be greater.

    I trust this helps


    Best regards

    Chris Kingsbury 


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