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Taiyo Yuden Silver Inkjet Printable CDR (52x)
Taiyo Yuden Silver Inkjet Printable CDR (52x)

JVC Taiyo Yuden Silver Inkjet Printable CDR (52x)

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Taiyo Yuden


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Taiyo Yuden Silver Inkjet Printable CDR (52x)

Inkjet Printable CD-R Media (silver) 52x, from the company that pioneered recordable CD technology, Taiyo Yuden offers CD-Rs with the best quality and highest reliability in the recordable media industry. Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs outperform the competition in recording accuracy and superior durability in a wide variety of data and audio applications.


  • Dye design for high-speed recording
  • Wide jitter margin with precision thermal interference control
  • Stability at high speed rotation with improved mechanical
  • characteristics
  • Superior playability
  • Superior reliability


Sold in Spindles of 100 or Boxes of 600

  • Widest record and playback compatibility
  • Medical applications: FDA 510K approval, Document B032976,  Owner Operator 9044305
  • Writes all forms of audio and data
  • ISO 14001 certifi ed manufacturing
  • 100-year durability data integrity guarantee
  • Zero wave distortion
  • Lowest Bler, E12, and E22 error rate in the industry
  • Lowest jitter and deviation levels
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