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Edgedupe 1-11 DVD CD Duplicator (1 to 11)
Edgedupe 1-11 DVD CD  Duplicator (1 to 11)

U-Reach 1-11 DVD/CD Duplicator (1 to 11)

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U-Reach 1-11 DVD/CD Duplicator (1 to 11)

Includes LG DVD-RW Drives.

U-reach 1-11 DVD/CD Duplicator (1 to 11) is a standalone CD/DVD Duplicator which is incredibly simple to use. It allows the user to duplicate huge quantities of DVD or CD at speed without requiring a computer or any previous experience. The U-reach simply creates exact mirror images of the data on the source disc. With the U-reach, users can now duplicate on demand with no minimum quantity and retain 100% confidentiality by producing in house rather than risking using an outsourced duplication company.


U-Reach1-11 DVD/CD Duplicator (1 to 11) is compatible with a wide range of CD, DVD optical Drives & Hard Drives as the source and all models are compatible up to 20 x Speed DVD enabling speedy duplication.

  • 13 Bay Chassis
  •  LG DVD-RW Drives.
  • Compatible with CD and DVD
  • Designed for 1 to 11 duplicators
  • Includes LG DVDRW 20X Drives

 Estimated Delivery time is 3 working days

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