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CD & DVD Duplication

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CD & DVD Duplicators

Writing one or two CDs or DVDs using a regular PC is ok, but if you need multiple copies you need a more robust and efficient solution. With our CD and DVD Duplicators you can create many identical copies of a disc in much less time. Simply insert your master DVD or DC and as many blank discs as you need and the duplicator automatically does the rest.

When you need to create tens or hundreds of copies of a CD or DVD, a duplicator saves many hours and makes the process incredibly fast and simple often without needing to even connect to a PC - just plug and play.

We stock a wide range of DVD duplicators, DVD duplicator towers and duplication equipment from the UK's leading suppliers. Our range of Microborads, Edgedupe and Primera DVD duplicators is supported by a comprehensive range of high quality blank CD's from Verbatim, Intenso and Taiyo Yuden.

If you have any questions about our DVD duplication equipment, please contact Kings Audio Visual Equipment at 01935 411322

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