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  •  Without question, KINGS AUDIO VISUAL is the most obliging and technically proficient Company to deal with in our sphere of Volutary activity. They have helped us tremendously in our quest to move from Analogue recroding on Casette Tape and CDs to DIGITAL RECORDING and the DUPLICATING of USB Memory Sticks played on their user friendly SOVEREIGN USB Speakers Our orders for these state of the art USB Flash Drive Speakers and the MICROBOARDS Duplicators have been delivered with speed and their Customer Services are second to none. 

    Jack from Wellingborough


Zoom Audio recorders. Buy Zoom hand held digital audio recorders from Kings Audio. We stock all the popular models including the Zoom H1 Recorder, H2 Recorder and the excellent Zoom H4n Recorder.

ZOOM concentrates on creating products that record the highest quality music and other sound. They are the creator and manufacturer of the popular ZOOM Q3, a hand-held video recorder that puts the emphasis on recording optimal quality sound and less on video quality. One thing that small, pocket-sized video cameras lacked was the ability to record and reproduce phenomenal sound. The Q3 has SDHC storage which can be removed, USB cable, and the convenience of replaceable batteries. ZOOM also makes the popular H2 hand-held audio recorder which is capable of recording sound at near-broadcast quality and costs half of similar quality recorders offered by other manufacturers.

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