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Diamond Lamps

Diamonds Lamps 04The Smart Choice for project lamps

We source all our lamps directly from the same original manufacturers who supply lamps to the leading projector brands.

However, with fewer steps to market, we can price our lamps typically 30% lower than the same lamps bought under their brands.

What’s more Diamond Lamps are available through a wide network of quality projector dealers, spares suppliers and service centres.


Hotter than the sun!

Diamonds Lamps 03

The lamp used in your projector is an amazing feat of techonology- it reaches temperatures in excess of 8000k, withstands 200 atmospheres of pressure – yet it’s all housed in a small glass bulb.

Copy lamps – a false economy

Copy lamps – Brightness reduced between 32% and 218%
Copy lamps- General non-compliance with –EEC regulations


Unauthorised supply – commercial risk

Diamonds Lamps 01Sometimes old stocks of bulbs can find their way into lamp modules through brands which do not have authorized supply. Often these have not been produced for the replacement.

Lamp market being one or two or three years old so not covered by the original bulb manufacturers’ warranty.


For Value without Compromise – Buy Diamond Lamps!

Diamonds Lamps 02Diamond Lamps are the cost effective replacement projector lamp, delivering on performance, assurance of quality, and endorsed by original bulb manufacturers for supply.